Confidence ,hope and courage leads every one to success ,but to gain confidence we have to know ourself in a better way and try to be a friend of  ourself ,which is only be possible to get our own analysis ,as self analysis leads to self actualization   .

when I started analysis of myself  I came to the conclusion that ALLHA made this creation ,but it is a man who reforms this creation by himself with the help of ALLHA . Man’s thoughts ultimately  become thing and this is actually  the  reformation .

What I am now is my constructed personality that originated from my upbringing and has been evolving by my education and life experiences. I am such a young lady who wants to explore the world  ,the world which lives in her soul. My name is Fatima Mansoor .Presently doing my graduation in the field of Gender & Development Studies from Lahore college for women university . Living a happy life with my parents & two sister in Lahore,  Pakistan .Having a lot of passion and goals  in life ,taking this interest of blog writing as one of my passion ..hope you  will enjoy to read me. I am following a simple phenomena in life which help me out to know better about me , that is …

“sometimes you need to be alone ,not to be lonely but just to enjoy some free time just being your self ”



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